The XVIII ABN Corp and Fort Bragg NCO Academy will provide professional military education that develops enlisted leaders who are fit, disciplined, and well-educated professionals that return to their formations ready to lead from the front and meet the complex challenges of their Operating Environments.


We will continue to remain a fully accredited institution that provides Fort Bragg tenant units and the Eastern Region with doctrine based instruction supporting formations for the Global Response Force, Special Operations, and Theater Support elements. We will be a learning institution of world class NCO's and Department of Army Civilians that effectively collaborate, communicate, and establish a positive learning environment necessary to provide Commanders with an intellectual and flexible future Corp of Non-Commissioned Officers. We will ensure ALL learners are treated with dignity and respect before, during, and after their attendance. We will provide quality, relevant, rigorous, and effective learning experiences through outcome-oriented instructional strategies that foster critical thinking and initiative. We will provide operationally relevant content which extends learning beyond the institution in a career-long continuum to reinforce the 21st Century Soldier competencies in order to sustain a professional and ethical NCO Corps. We will maintain and enforce standards and discipline providing a firm and fair command climate that encourages self development for our staff and faculty, caring for our learners, facilitators, staff and our families.


  • BLC Class 01-19 will begin on 08 Oct, 2018.
  • MLC Class 10-18 will begin on 10 Oct, 2018.
  • Battle Staff NCOC class A03 will begin 14 Nov 2018.

New additional inprocessing procedures for BLC and MLC includes ACT enrollment.


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