Rappel Master/Refresher

Provides commanders with rappel masters who are technical experts in all aspects of rotary wing and ground rappelling operations. These include tower training, rappeller sustainment training, and rotary wing operations. A Rappel Master provides Commanders with the option of flexibly employing rotary wing air assets.

Course Length

5 Days

Phase Scope

The course will provide the Rappel Master graduate with detailed information and training on: The duties and responsibilities of the Rappel Master; understanding and identifying rappelling equipment by their specific nomenclature and characteristics; preparation of ropes for rappelling operations; anchor systems and knots; procedures to conduct ground rappel training; procedures and standards required to conduct a Rappel Master Personnel Inspection; execution of duties as a Rappel Master from a rotary wing aircraft in flight during a day rappelling operation.

Course Outcomes

Technical expertise in rappelling operations. Inspects and supervises execution of rappelling operations. Able to execute and control rotary wing rappelling operations. Ability to perform a Rappel Master Personnel Inspection to ensure rappeller safety.

Special Information

Course is restricted to graduates of the Air Assault Course, Ranger Course, Mountain Warfare Course or equivalent Special Operations courses. The SM must be corporal or above.