Air Assault School

To train Soldiers in the conduct of Air Assault operations, sling load operations, rappelling operations from an aircraft and through mental and physical training develop their leadership, self-confidence, and aggressive spirit.

Course Length

11 Days

Reporting Instructions

Students will report with the entire day zero packing list no later than 5:50 a.m. (winter classes) and 4:40 a.m. (summer classes) to the southwest corner of the Deglopper Air Assault School compound.

Phase Scope

This course produces the SI/ASI 2B which is an integral component of the Soldier's career progression with certification on the various aspects of Air Assault operations.

* Phase 1 Combat Air Assault: During this phase of the AAC students receive instruction on the various aspects of combat air assault. This includes aircraft orientation, aircraft safety, rare medical evacuation, pathfinder operations, combat assault, and hand and arm signals.

* Phase 2 Slingload Operations: During this phase students receive instruction on preparing, rigging, and inspecting various standard sling loads.

* Phase 3 Rappelling Operations: During this phase students receive instruction on tying a rappel seat, hook-up techniques, lock-in procedures, belay procedures, and combat rappel. Students will conduct multiple rappels from a rappel tower and from U.S. Army rotary wing aircraft.

Course Outcomes

Demonstrate tactical and technical competence in rotary wing air movement operations. Integrate organic rotary wing aircraft into joint operations. Demonstrate technical ability to prepare external loads for rotary wing operations. Demonstrate technical competence in rotary wing evacuation operations. Integrate rotary wing attack aircraft into air movement.