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Command History

The 264th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion (CSSB) was first activated on 29 May 1942 at Fort Dix, New Jersey, as the 264th Quartermaster Service Battalion.

WORLD WAR II: The unit moved to Camp Kilmer, New Jersey on September 1942, where it remained until April 1944. In September 1943, the 264th QSB’s A, B, C, and D, were re-designated as the 3153rd, 3154th, 3155th, and 3156th Quartermaster Service Companies. The unit’s headquarters company was re-designated as the Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment (HHD), 264th Quartermaster Service Battalion. In April 1944, the 264th moved to Camp Lee, where it trained for extended field service. After four months at Lee, the unit deployed overseas on board the RMS Scythia. The unit arrived in England in September 1944, and immediately moved to France, where remained until the end of World War II. The unit participated in the Rhineland Campaign and was inactivated in Paris, France in June 1946.

VIETNAM WAR: 1960, the 264th CSSB was re-activated in response to the arms buildup in Southeast Asia. The 264th QSB was re-designated as the 264th Supply and Service Battalion (SSB). During the Vietnam War, the 264th CSSB was stationed with the 506th Field Army Depot (FAD) under the U.S. Army Support Command (ASC), Saigon and re-organized as general support tasked to provide supply and stock control of field Army stocks managed by assigned or attached units. While serving in Southeast Asia, the unit participated in five counteroffensive campaigns before inactivating on 1 September 1968.

1990s: 1 September 1993, the 264th was re-activated at Fort Bragg, North Carolina as the 264th Corps Support Battalion (CSB). The unit was assigned to 507th Corps Support Group, 1st Corps Support Command. 16 May 1994, the 264th CSB was re-assigned to the 46th Corps Support Group, 1st Corps Support Command. September 1994, 264th CSB deployed to Haiti in support of Operation Uphold Democracy.