Our mission is to provide quality transition services to Soldiers transitioning from electing to leave the military for administrative separations, and expiration term of service (ETS). Please refer to Transition Center Overview Information Slides for more information.

Transition Center does not calculate or authorize any leaves.

All Administrative Separations (Chapters) must have the original and two copies (Transition Center reviews and upload the original, one copy for Finance and the other copy for the Soldier). Our office does not make copies. If for some reason the original chapter packet cannot be produced, the servicing legal office must certify a copy.

To facilitate a smooth process, Soldiers must report to the Transition Center immediately upon signing DA Form 199 to obtain their processing to complete separation.

For Officer separations, Please see sample of Officer Packet.

Follow the Transition Matrix for an idea of the timeline to expect. For retirement timeline, please click on Retirement Transition Matrix.


ETS – Orders can be generated up to 90 days prior to Expiration Term of Service (ETS) by the Transition Center.Orders are distributed to the Soldiers’ AKO expeditiously after receipt of a complete ETS Packet.Only S1 personnel are authorized to turn inETS packetswhich includes two copies of the DA Form 200.

S1 - It is the responsibility of the Unit/Battalion S1 to run a 180 day query (loss roster) for their units to identify Soldiers approaching the ETS and submit the required documents to the Transition Center for processing NLT 90 days prior to the Soldiers’ ETS. The S1 should also ensure the Soldiers attends the Pre-Separation Briefing.The briefing is designed to give the Soldiers and spouses relevant information in advance of separation to facilitate planning for a successful transition to civilian life. The briefing will take place the third Tuesday of each month. The briefing will at 1300hr at the Pope Annex.Offices providing important separation information to include benefits and processing procedures include the Transition Center, Education Center, Finance, Medical and Dental, Reserve Component Career Counselor, and Soldier for Life.The briefing is for all types of separations minus retirement.

ADMINSTRATIVE SEPARATIONS (CHAPTERS) - Orders are published expeditiously after receipt of a complete packet. Packets can be dropped off by the Soldier (and escort if required) and an order pick-up date will be provided.If a Soldier requires an escort (per Fort Bragg Policy and Precedent Statement #2), the escort must remain with the Soldier during the entire process. For more information on chapter packets, please see Chapter Packet Checklist.

MEDICAL SEPARATIONS – Integrated Disability Evaluation System, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense (DoD) established a joint program to modernize and improve the disability evaluation and compensation process for wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers.Soldiers are to report to the Transition Center immediately upon receipt of the DA Form 199 – Physical Evaluation Board Proceedings to obtain information on the requirements of their transition. For more information on medical separation, see MEB Chapter Checklist.

Note- the Transition Center is not authorized to extend Soldiers beyond their contractual ETS.If a medical separation date is beyond the Soldiers ETS, Soldiers must see their PEBLO or unit retention NCO for an extension.

Within the attached documents is a checklist for the requirements for each type of separation.


1. Can I report to the Transition Center in civilian clothes?

No.When you report to the Transition Center you must be in appropriate uniform, e.g. BDU, ACU, Class A, B or cook whites, regardless of your separation date.Only Soldiers who have a properly completed profile will be authorized to clear in PT or civilian clothing.

2. What are the requirements to pick-up my final DD Form 214?

Before you can pick up your final DD Form 214, you must have a pre-clearance stamp from Out-processing section, located at the Out-processing window in the main entrance area of the Soldier Support Center.

3. Where do I get my final clearance stamp?

You receive your final clearance stamp when you pick-up your final DD Form 214, either on your separation date or the day prior to transition leave or permissive TDY.

4. What happens if I miss my appointment?

If you miss your appointment you can reschedule by reporting to the Transition Center.

5. What happens if I don’t provide my awards and training certificates and/or my Enlisted Record Brief (ERB) is not updated at the time of my briefing?

Your TC counselor will not include the information on your DD Form 214.You will have to request a DD Form 215 from:


Director, National Personnel Records Center

ATTN:Chief Army Reference Branch

9700 Page Boulevard

St Louis, MO 63132-

Commercial Phone # 1-800-318-5298

Release from Active Duty:

Human Resource Command


1600 Spearhead Div. Ave

Fort Knox, KY 40122

1-888-276-9472 or 1-502-613-5977