Our mission is to provide quality customer service to Soldiers departing Fort Bragg who are preparing to PCS or Transition (ETS, Retire, or other separation) out of the Army.

Out-Processing (OP) Overview

Note: Completed and Pre-Clearance Stamps will be provided from 0900-1130 and from 1300-1600 at Window 1 (1st floor, across from the ID Card Facility).

This overview provides guidance and useful information to prepare you with out-processing Ft. Bragg.

  • Duty uniform is required to out-process Ft. Bragg. Exceptions to wear civilian attire must have a memorandum signed by their Company Commander.
  • The linked “Out-processing Locations Overview” will give advanced knowledge of the locations and places Soldiers may need to clear.Soldiers will receive more guidance on which locations specifically apply to them during the out-processing briefing. There are six (6) primary steps to out-process the Fort Bragg Installation.Soldiers can’t go on to the next step until they have accomplished the previous step.

STEP 1:You must have orders in your possession (Chapters are the exception).READ YOUR ORDERS: They contain lots of good information on what you will need and places you can clear without clearing papers.

STEP 2:Upon receipt of your order, immediately visit the out-processing section between 1300-1600 hrs to schedule an appointment to attend the briefing and to pick-up clearing papers. Copies of the following documents are required to schedule your appointment:

  • Orders and any applicable amendments.
  • DA Form 31, Leave Form (working/unsigned copy is acceptable at this step) IMPORTANT NOTES: The end date on the DA Form, must be your report date unless you have “early report authorized” or “NLT” in your orders.You are given up to 10 calendar days (if possible) for Soldiers PCSing or separating.

OR you can schedule your appointment via email by completing the OUT-PROCESSING APPOINTMENT REQUEST FORM and then email it to usarmy.bragg.imcom-atlantic.mbx.bragg-smd@mail.mil.You will be notified of the date of your appointment, via email, within 24 hours of receipt, so please ensure you monitor your email in-box.

STEP 3:On the day of your appointment, you will attend your briefing (based on times below) and receive your clearing papers. 0930 - 1045 PCS Out-Processing and Finance Briefing (doors open at 0830)
1100 - 1130 Separation Out-processing Briefing

  • You must have a signed/approved leave form on this date if you didn’t have one during Step 2.
  • The DA Form 137-2 (Installation Clearing Record), will be issued at your scheduled Out-Processing brief.
  • The DA Form 137-2 is personalized (Each individual is required to clear only agencies in column 13 that are not already pre-cleared).
  • DA Form 137-2 is valid for 30 days ONLY ***NOTE*** Report to Out-Processing Section immediately, if you cannot clear in allotted time.
  • If your appointment was scheduled via email you also must have a copy of your order and all amendments.

STEP 4: Clear all specified Activities/Agencies/Places *REMINDER* Installation Clearing Papers (DA Form 137-2) are valid for 30 days ONLY. You must report to Out-Processing Section immediately, if you cannot clear in allotted time.

  • During your out-processing you will receive several documents, signatures, and stamps that we must see, validate, and/or copy prior to issuing a final installation clearance stamp.

STEP 5: Return to final out-process (if you’re PCSing) or pre-clear (if you’re transitioning) on your appointed date, with all appropriate documents to receive the installation clearance or pre-clearance stamp at Window 1, across from the ID Card section between 0900-1130 and 1300-1600 hrs.

STEP 6: For PCS: Sign out with your unit.
All Separations: Report to the Transition Center or, if retiring, Retirement Services to get your DD Form 214 then sign out with your unit.

FOR ALL SOLDIERS ON REASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS: You must hand-carry the following documents to your next duty station: 1. STATESIDE:Up-to-date SGLV Form 8286 (Service Member Group Life Insurance Election and Certificates) and DD Form 93 (Record of Emergency Data), PERSTEMPO OCONUS (NON NATO ASSIGNMENTS):Up-to-date SGLV Form 8286 and DD Form 93, PERSTEMPO, and Anti-terrorism Training Certificate OCONUS (NATO ASSIGNMENTS):Up-to-date SGLV Form 8286 and DD Form 93, PERSTEMPO, and Anti-terrorism Training Certificate, NATO Travel Orders