Effective Monday, 9 Apr 18. The Installation Publications Office hours of operations will be on Wednesday and Friday of every week from 1300-1600.

Please continue to email you DA Form 17 request to

(910) 396-6208/3085 the phone numbers will only be manned between the operating hours above.


Our mission is to provide blank forms support and current information to all units authorized a publications account, IAW DA Pamphlet 25-33, on how to open, update, manage, and operate their publications account; to ensure the units/activities have the blank forms needed to support mission requirements, IAW Department of the Army guidelines; to provide deploying units with information on how to open and received Publications and copier support while in theater.

New Ordering Procedures for Requesting Non-Electronic Blank Forms

Effective 18 Aug. 2009, new procedures were implemented for requesting blank forms electronically. In order for the Installation Publication’s Center (IPC) to be in compliance with the Army’s Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 the following actions are being implemented:

• ALL requests (DA Form 17) for blank forms must be sent electronically. Ensure the PCO signs the form either digitally or by hand.
• We will no longer accept hand carried DA Forms 17s.
• Special order requests must be submitted electronically on a separate DA Form 17.
• All blank forms requests (regular and special) must be emailed to

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I set up an account for my unit?
: You need to submit a DA Form 12-R. The directive governing the DA Form 12-R is PAM 25-33. Both can be downloaded or browsed from the Army Publishing Directorate (APD) website Go through your installation Directorate of Human Resources (DHR). You can then FAX it to DSN 337-4098 or call (910) 907-4098, ATTN: Installation Publications Center, send a digitally-signed copy through email or scan and send via email to the Installation Publications Control officer. To ask any questions, call the Installation Publications Office at DSN 236-6208 or call (910) 396-6208 or Publications Clerk at DSN 236-3085 or call (910) 396-3085.

Question: My unit is moving, how do we change the address?
Answer: The new information needs to be submitted on a DA Form 12-R. Follow same procedures as above.

Question: How do I close my account?
Answer: You need to submit a DA Form 12-R, (complete blocks 1-6, 9 and 13 or send a memo containing the same information (including Commander’s signature) on your organization’s letterhead. You can then FAX it to DSN 337-4098 or Comm (910) 907-4098, ATTN: Installation Publications Center, subject: Close Account. Any questions, contact your installation Publications Control Officer or Directorate of Human Resources (DHR) for local guidance.

Question: I'm stationed in Europe; how do I get account assistance?
Answer: For assistance with a publications account in USAREUR, call DSN 370-6348/8734.

Question: Do I still need to forward a DA Form 12-R each year to validate my account?
Answer: Yes, the annual validation requirement still exists, you will have to submit a DA Form 12-R or if you have changes to your address, you must submit a new DA Form 12-R, also.

Question: How do I obtain a copy of my DD Form 214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty) as well as other documents in my official file?
Answer: Veterans may request copies of their DD Form 214 and/or copies of documents from their official records from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). If deceased, his/her next of kin (parents, spouse, or children) may request copies. Online, you may go to either and complete the eVetRecs or SF 180, go to "Other Links" and select "Veterans and Retirees." In addition, SF 180 may be available from your local Veteran's Administration office. Alternately, requests may be made by submitting a letter to the National Personnel Record Center, ATTN: Military Personnel Records, 9700 Page Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63132-5100. Include as much information as possible: your full name, address, service number, SSN, branch of service, dates of service, and date and place of birth. This letter must be signed and dated. Customer service at this location is at (314) 801-0800.

Question: How do I install the DA PAM 25-30 (Consolidated Index of Army Publications and Blank Forms)?
Answer: The APD currently offer the DA Pam 25-30 in two ways:
- First as an online web application database, see APD’s homepage website and click on the link for * PAM 25-30 (Product Catalog) located on left-side navigation .
_ Second they have replaced the CD-ROM (EM 0001) version of the DA PAM 25-30 with an application that is downloaded and installed to your workstation. See the link (Offline version) on the * PAM 25-30 webpage described above. Note You may require administrative rights to install this application on your workstation. Please check with your local IT staff prior to installing this or any software application.

Question: How do I obtain printed and stocked Departmental Forms (DA, DD, SF, OF and other agency forms) used by the Army?
Answer: For CONUS Publication Accounts. If you have a valid publications account, contact your unit publications officer with a list of the forms needed. They will submit the request to the Installation Publications Center for issuance. If you need assistance, please contact the Installation Publications Control Officer at (910) 396-6208 (DSN 236). For OCONUS. Army units stationed in Europe and Army units deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait (and other countries in the Middle East) should contact U.S. Army Publications Distribution Center Europe (USAPDCE) Customer Service to obtain Army and higher level forms. For additional assistance, please contact or phone at (49) 0621-730-6882; DSN: 314-384-6881/6882/6883/6884. In addition to the U.S. Army Publications Distribution Center-Europe, there is a small forms stockroom in Kuwait (ARCENT-KU) the phone number is DSN 318-438-5317.


Question: What are PDF files?
Answer: Adobe has created a type of file that looks the same on any computer when opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader. These files allow for special tables, graphics, and typefaces that cannot be created any other way for the World Wide Web. Adobe named this type of file Portable Document Format or PDF.

Question: Do I need special software to read PDF files ?
Answer: Yes, you'll need to download (free) the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these files. Contact your IT personnel before downloading any software to your system.

Question: Unable to open a PDF file, all I get is a blank page. What's going on?
Answer: There is a 6.0 Adobe problem that requires a fix [12/18/2003]. According to Adobe, the Acrobat 6.0.1 and Adobe Reader 6.0.1 updates fix a number of problems discovered after Acrobat 6.0 and Adobe Reader 6.0 were released. One problem of note is the PDF files could not be opened from secured (HTTPS) web sites that use Netegrity site management software (such as AKO). Please review the Adobe Downloads page to reassure you have the latest files Adobe Downloads.

Question: I can't find the publication or form listed on this web site. How can I check to see if it is still available or current?
Answer: You should always check with your local publications control officer, DHR or check the DA PAM 25-30 to determine current availability. Please note; NOT every document is available in electronic format. Record details found when searching the DA PAM 25-30 will indicate availability of electronic files and the web site the file can be located on if available.

Question: If I submit a subscription addition, do I have to order the publication or will it be sent automatically?
Answer: If the addition is a new publication or it's in the process of being revised, it will be sent to you automatically. If the publication is in stock at the warehouse, you will have to requisition it.

Question: How do I subscribe to the Army Electronic Library (EM 0001)?
Answer: Please see the topic: Are electronic forms and publications available on CD-ROM?

Question: Are electronic forms and publications available on CD-ROM?
Answer: No, APD has discontinued the quarterly production of the Army Electronic Library (AEL) CD-ROM (EM 0001). The CD-ROM publication EM 0001 is no longer available through subscription. All published forms and publications formerly produced on the CD-ROM is now hosted from the Army Publishing Directorate websites:

Question: How do I get to see the statuses of pubs that I've ordered?
Answer: You can do a Resupply Activity Report query from the APD site. It will show you the last 180 days worth of orders and their statuses.

Question: How do I access electronic training and doctrinal (FM, ARTEP, TC , etc.) publications?
Answer: The available electronic publication files are hosted from the APD web site. Note an AKO login account will be required to access these publications