This is our third month of providing an in-depth look into the pillars of the Army’s Ready, Resilient and Army Strong campaign. I appreciate the comprehensive efforts to increase understanding for our service members and their Families. This month, we’ll focus on the following three pillars of our campaign: Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault Response and Prevention; Sponsorship; and Risk Reduction. As leaders, we must expand our knowledge and educate our servicemembers, civilians and Families on these critical topics. By increasing understanding and access to these programs across our installation, we strengthen the resiliency and readiness of our entire team.

Instances of sexual harassment and sexual assault in our ranks undermine our Army values and erode the trust of our servicemembers, the morale of our units, and our overall readiness. We must eliminate sexual harassment and sexual assault in our formations. The Army’s Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program reinforces the Army’s commitment to eliminating sexual harassment and sexual assault through awareness and prevention, training, victim advocacy, reporting and accountability.

If you experience or witness an instance of sexual harassment, contact your unit chain of command and SHARP representative, or for civilian personnel, report the behavior immediately to your supervisor or to the Equal Employment Opportunity Office. To report a case of sexual assault at Fort Bragg and the surrounding areas, call 911 or contact the Fort Bragg Sexual Assault Hotline at 584-4267.

For questions and concerns about sexual harassment or sexual assault, contact your unit SHARP representative or the Fort Bragg SHARP program manager’s office at 432-8113/9729 or visit our website at

The Total Army Sponsorship Program provides the structure and foundation for units to welcome and help prepare Soldiers, civilian employees, and Family members for their new duty station before arrival. Incoming servicemembers will receive a sponsor immediately upon assignment to Fort Bragg. The sponsor extends the Army Family’s reach for the newly assigned trooper, and helps ease the inherent stress of the unknown. The sponsor provides information to reduce uncertainty about a new duty station; where to live, information about programs, local schools, on-post housing, etc. First impressions develop into enduring impressions, and the sponsor’s relationship with the inbound servicemember sets a positive tone. Sponsorship provides a critical bridge during transitions between installations — a high-risk period for servicemembers dealing with resiliency-related challenges. Effective sponsors exemplify the engaged leadership that sustains our team throughout our Army journey.

Units and assigned sponsors can receive Fort Bragg welcome packets at the Army Community Service Relocation Readiness Program Office or online. These welcome packets contain valuable information on Fort Bragg and the surrounding communities can be shipped to incoming Soldiers and Families well in advance. Visit for more information and to request a Fort Bragg welcome packet. The Army Community Services’ Relocation Readiness Program also offers sponsorship training. Classes are held at the All American Conference Room 149 in Gavin Hall. To register, call 432-4676. TASP training is also available at, and the Fort Bragg TASP Liaison Office can be reached by calling 396-0273 or by email at

Risk reduction
Risk reduction begins with engaged leaders who know their servicemembers. A leader’s relationship with those entrusted to them is our surest means to help those experiencing resilience-related challenges. Leaders across Fort Bragg must understand the importance of the Risk Reduction Program and must be knowledgeable on the installation resources available to assist them. Information and additional resources on the Risk Reduction Program can be found at or you can contact the Fort Bragg RRP coordinator at 432-5059 or 396-4100.

Leading in our Armed Forces is a sacred trust and responsibility. We will earn this trust daily by treating others the way we expect to be treated — with dignity and respect. It’s an honor to serve others, and our actions will exemplify Army values and assure the welfare of all in our care. Through our combined and concentrated efforts, we will provide opportunities for all in the Fort Bragg community to flourish and ensure that Fort Bragg remains ready to answer our nation’s call and continues to be the place that we’re proud to call home.

Next month, we will focus on the final three pillars of our Ready, Resilient and Army Strong Campaign: Army Substance Abuse Program; Suicide Prevention; and Transition: Soldiers for Life.

Thank for you for your continued commitment to strengthening our resiliency and thank you for what you do each and every day in service to our nation.

Fort Bragg Sexual Harrassment/Assault Reponse program manager
432-8113 or 432-9729
Fort Bragg Sexual Assault Hotline

Fort Bragg Total Army Sponsorship Program Liaison Office
Army Community Services’ Relocation Readiness Program
TASP training
Welcome packet request

Risk reduction
Fort Bragg Risk Reduction Program coordinator
432-5059 or 396-4100
Additional resources