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Wiccan Religious Education Opportunities

Thu 1900 Open Circle at Watters Family Life Center

Contact Information

Phone: (910) 394-2677
             (910) 396-1121

E-Mail: Director of Religious Education


Wiccan Beliefs

Wicca is a polytheistic religion influenced by pre-Christian beliefs and practices, whose central deity are male and female deities who are in here in nature and that the concepts of such are emphasized through their ritual observance of seasonal and life-cycles throughout the year.

Wicca is the name of the nature-based religion started in the 1950's by Gerald Gardner in England. Wicca was brought to the United States by Raymond Buckland in the 1960's. 

Wiccans' believe that everything is an expression of the Divine (or "Sacred All".) The theological term "Pantheism" explains the Wiccan view of the Sacred All. The universe and Divine are not separated, so the universe is treated as Divine.

Wicca is known as a mystery religion. Each person seeks the meaning of their own religion. No one person or book reveals the Divinity

Wicca is a circular religion; birth, life, and death repeat themselves throughout this life and the next. Wiccans believe in reincarnation.

Wiccan Disbeliefs

Wiccans do not believe in an eternal evil (for example, Satan.) There is no deity known or worshiped as Satan in Wicca.

Wiccans do not believe people are predisposition to evil. People do good things and people do bad things.

Sexual activity is not a requirement. Wiccans do see the body as holy and sexual activity as part of a holy action. It is an accepted part of humanity.

They do not believe in bloodletting inside the circle. The circle is a sacred space.


Holy Days

Lammas - 01 August

Mabon - 19-22 September (Fall Equinox)

Samhain - 31 October

Yule - 19-22 December (Winter Solstice)Imbolc - 02 February

Ostara 19-22 March (Spring Equinox)

Beltane 01 May

Litha 19-22 June (Summer Solstice)



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