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Personnel Reassignments Branch

Welcome to the web page of the
Personnel Reassignments Branch

Our mission is to provide fully Centralized Reassignment Processing services to officer and enlisted Soldiers assigned to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and those Soldiers geographically dispersed throughout the U.S.A.


 The Soldier Support Center
2nd Floor, Wing D
Building 4-2843 Normandy
Fort Bragg, NC 28310

Official Mailing Address

Military Personnel Division
Personnel Reassignments Branch
2175 Reilly Rd, Stop A
Fort Bragg, NC 28310 

Contact Information Numbers

Reassignments – (910) 396-8588
Passport Office – (910) 432-8149
Sponsorship Office - (910) 396-0273
DSN – 236-XXXX
FAX – (910) 396-5638
Email: PRB Levy

Customer Service Hours

Monday - Friday 0900-1200 (S1's have priority)
Monday - Wednesday and Friday 0900-1600
Closed Thursday Afternoon for Enlisted Reassignments Briefing
Closed All Federal Holidays

General Information 

           Reassignment LEVY Briefings

Cap Cycles are scheduled for download every Tuesday. A Levy Briefing is scheduled within 17-days from Cap Cycle date. S1's are notified by e-mail of personnel that are on Levy; S1s are responsible for forwarding this information out to the Soldier and the command section. The following areas are covered at the briefing:

    • Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR)
    • Installation Retention Office
    • Army Community Services (ACS)
    • Transportation
    • Out-Processing
    • Personnel Reassignments Branch (PRB) 
    • Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)
    • Total Army Sponsorship Program (TASP)

           Confinement Orders

The Unit needs to turn-in a copy of the Soldier’s Military Personnel File (MPF), Judge’s Order, trial results, and location of confinement from unit.

OConus Assignments

All Soldiers with assignment instructions for outside the Continental U.S. (OCONUS) who elect to request dependent travel must have family members medically and educationally screened. If required, family member will be enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP). This process should be initiated within 30-days of receipt of assignment instructions. Deletion from assignment instructions may not be granted solely because of a Soldier’s enrollment in the EFMP. The program is designed to assist Soldiers during assignment consideration, if the Soldier is pre-enrolled, but is not an assignment limitation. Soldiers could be reassigned to an “all others tour” to meet Army requirements. Deferment for Soldiers with family members enrolled in the EFMP will be granted when family travel decisions from the gaining command has not been finalized, prior to the Soldiers report date.

Deletion/Deferments/Compassionates and Early Arrivals

Requests, for deletion, deferment, or early arrival must be submitted on DA 4187 within 30 calendar days of the EDAS cycle date or as soon as the determination is made that a deletion, deferment, or early arrival may be needed. Requests submitted after 30 calendar days due to unforeseen circumstances will not be rejected, however, must include an explanation of the circumstances causing the late submission. Supporting documentation (for example profile, court documents). Compassionate request are requested on DA Form 3739. All request require a signature of the first 0-6 in the Soldiers Chain of Command.

Deletion Deferment and Early Arrival of Reenlistment Instructions

The deletion, deferment, or early arrival of reenlistment instructions is processed through the servicing Career Counselor. The responsible Career Counselor will submit the request through the RETAIN system to the Retention Reclassification Branch (RRB). RRB approves or disapproves the request in coordination with the Soldier's career branch and Readiness Division. RRB will provide approval/disapproval decision to servicing career counselor via RETAIN. Reassignment processing will continue until the deletion or deferment is confirmed through the Enlisted Distribution Assignment System (EDAS).

The servicing Career Counselor is responsible for ensuring that the request is processed in accordance with the current RETAIN messages.  RRB can only authorize the deletion, deferment, or early arrival of a reenlistment assignment, not a branch assignment.

Officer Reasignments

Notifications are sent out via email weekly for Officers in receipt of RFO’s with coordinating instructions.  Officer going on inter-post or stateside assignments will be instructed to complete attached documents and return promptly to Officer in receipt of RFO going overseas may call the following numbers which coincide with the beginning of your last name, to schedule an appointment for a desk-side briefing:

LAST NAMES (A-C AND O-Z): Tel: 910-432-2593

LAST NAMES (D-N): Tel: 910-396-8937

Official Passport Request

Passport/VISA Factsheet


Soldiers are informed at the Levy Briefing if there is an issue with security. Our office will not cut the orders until we receive verification on clearance from the Installation Security Office. Please do not call the Installation Security Office, for status on your security clearance. Once they have confirmation your security clearance is valid, our office is notified and then your orders are cut.




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