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Welcome to the web page of the
Out-Processing Section.

Our mission is to provide quality customer service to Soldiers departing Fort Bragg who are preparing to PCS or Transition (ETS, Retire, or other separation) out of the Army.



The Soldier Support Center
2nd Floor, Wing D, Rm. 261
Building 4-2843 Normandy
Fort Bragg, NC  28310

Official Mailing Address

Out-Processing Section
Personnel Services Branch
2175 Reilly Rd, Stop A

Fort Bragg, NC  28310

Contact Information Numbers

Final and Pre-clear Stamps Only
(910) 432-1961
All Other Customer Services
(910) 643-3929

FAX – (910) 396-4396

Customer Office Hours

0900 - 1600 Monday - Friday
Closed All Federal Holidays


Out-Processing Overview

  • Duty uniform is required to out-process Ft Bragg.  Exceptions to wear civilian attire must have a memorandum signed by their Company commander.
  • A copy of the following documents are required to start your out-process:
    • Orders and any applicable amendments
    • DA Form 31, Leave For


Scheduling Clearing Appointments

Report to the Out-processing Branch, Monday-Friday 1300-1600 to schedule your Out-processing Brief. 

Print, read and prepare the linked “Out-processing Appointment Request Form”to expedite the process.

Report to ACAP, Monday-Friday 0900-1600

Report to Transportation, Monday-Friday 0800-1600

Contact CIF at 396-7045/5383, Monday-Friday 0800-1600

ETS, Chapters and Retiring Soldiers report to Transition Services Branch, Monday-Friday 0900-1600


Clearing Records

  • The DA Form 137-2 is personalized (Clear only highlighted agencies).
  • It is Valid for 30 Days ONLY. **NOTE** Contact the Out-processing Branch at 910-432-1961 immediately, if you cannot clear in your allotted time.
  • Failure to complete the clearing records, will result in the soldier receiving only 55% of final pay.


Specifics for ETS and Chapter Soldiers

  • Attend your Finance Separation Pay Briefing conducted daily at 1030.
  • Education Center is closed the 1st Wednesday of every month.
  • Turn-in your Installation Decal when clearing the Provost Marshall.
  • Mandatory you clear the Reserve Career Counselor (SSC, 1st Fl, Wing G).
  • Mandatory you clear ACAP (SSC, 1st Floor).  82nd ACAP- BLDG #3832
  • Contact the Transition Services Branch, Monday-Friday 0900-1600
  • You must clear Housing, CIF and Unit before Finance.
  • ETS/Chapter Out-process Assistance Checklist


Specifics for Chapter Soldiers

  • Escorts are required for all Chapters: 5-13, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, and 14.
  • Soldiers must be escorted by an SGT/E-5 or above, and out rank the soldier by one grade.
  • The Escort must accompany the Soldier through the entire out process in duty uniform at all times.

Specifics for Soldiers Retiring from the Army

  • Contact the Retirement Services Office, Monday-Friday 0900-1600
  • Education Center is closed the 1st Wednesday of every month.
  • Mandatory you clear ACAP (SSC, 1st Floor). 82nd ACAP-  BLDG #3832
  • You must clear Housing, CIF and Unit before Finance.


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