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  Welcome to the web page of the
Casualty and Mortuary Affairs Office!

The mission of the Fort Bragg Casualty and Mortuary Affairs Office is to provide casualty, mortuary, survivor outreach services, memorial honors, and offer support, guidance and services to North Carolina Soldiers and their Families as well as other Casualty Assistance Centers (CAC).  The CAC is the go-to on all Army casualty issues and guidance for the area of responsibility North Carolina.

Services Offered: * Benefits and Entitlements, Casualty Assistance, Casualty Assistance Officer Information, Funeral / Mortuary Affairs, Honors Program, Line of Duty, Notification, and Transportation Motor Pool.



The Soldier Support Center
Building 4-2843 Normandy Drive
2d Floor, Wing D
Fort Bragg, NC  28310

Official Mailing Address

Casualty & Mortuary Office
2175 Reilly Rd, Stop A
Fort Bragg, NC 28310

Contact Information Numbers

Main Telephone Number – (910) 396-9901 / 800-682-6973

On-Call 24 hour number - (910) 309-6463

DSN – 236-XXXX (for 396) or 239-XXXX (for 432)
FAX – (910) 396-4262 or 432-5681

Office Hours

Open from  08:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Close for Lunch 1130 AM to 12:30 PM
Open from  of 12:30PM to 16:00 PM

Closed All Federal Holidays


Casualty Assistance Officer (CAO)/Casualty Notification Officer (CNO)

CAO/CNO will report to Casualty Assistance Center when notified. CAO/CNO’s must be CAC trained with up-to-date training certificates.  Upon arrival a one-on-one briefing on their case will also be conducted. CAO/CNO’s will hold the rank of SFC or higher. Officers will hold the rank of CPT or higher.  Warrant Officers will hold CW2 and higher

Memorial Honor’s Program 

Fort Bragg’s Casualty Assistance Center is responsible for coordinating military burials for active, retired, or veteran Soldiers.  Qualified Honor recipients receive full military or veteran 2-man ceremonies.  Contact the CAC for all requirements for this service. Planeside honors for Soldiers and unit Memorial assistance are also part of this program.

Request Form for Military Funeral Honors

Full Military Honors: Minimum 9 Man Team (NCOIC / OIC and 7 Pallbearers/firing Party). Additionally a Chaplain and Bugler May Be Available. ACTIVE DUTY, MEDAL OF HONOR, FORMER POW Full Military Honors

Military Representation: At a minimum there is a 2 person team to fold and present the flag, and render Taps.

Casualty Assistance Center

Provides training to unit FRG, Installation committees or boards, and HRC training certifications for casualty programs to man-power used to assist the next of kin.  For additional detailed information on  our mission and the  Army Casualty Program refer to AR 600-8-1.

Line of Duty

Line of duty investigations are conducted to establish the legal conclusion as to whether the Soldier was at fault at the time of his injury or death.  Line of duty investigations are important to the Soldier if an injury occurs while the Soldier is on active duty in order for him/her to receive medical care upon departure from active duty.  Veteran Affairs or other facilities will not treat Soldiers for injuries unless service connection is proven.  This is done by the LODI. For further information and regulated guidelines  go to the following link:

Casualty Assistance Vehicle Transportation Resources

The Casualty Assistance Center will provide transportation for Soldiers tasked with Military Burial or Planeside Honors and Casualty Assistance and Notification duties.  Contact the Center at 910-396-9901 for information and guidance.

Casualty Assistance Center’s Trainer

Provides certified training to Fort Bragg on the Casualty Assistance and Casualty Notification Officer training.  Conducts or coordinates unit level and CORPS level training on casualty operational needs such as summary court, escort, and benefit counseling.  The Casualty Trainer can be reached by calling 910-432-7262 or BB 910-303-0488.



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