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Tickets and Citations


Citation Information:

Once you receive your citation from the arresting officer all issues will be handled by the Federal Litigation Division (see below).

If you received a citation on the Fort Bragg Military Reservation for a violation of North Carolina Law, U.S. Federal Law, or Fort Bragg Regulation 190-5:

        With no mandatory court appearance:

Option 1:  Admit to the criminal offense, pay the fine through the mail or through the internet as provided on the citation.  Central Violations Bureau.

Option 2:  Contest the offense, with a mandatory appearance in Federal District Court.

       With a mandatory court appearance:
If there is a mandatory court date, or if you contest the citation, you must appear in the Federal District Courthouse, in Fayetteville, NC on the date that you are notified.  You will receive official notice to the address you provided to the arresting officer.  If you provided incorrect address information, you can correct it by contact the Central Violations Bureau at: Instructions for Violations on your citation.
If you fail to appear in court on the date at time ordered, the United States District Court may issue a summons ordering you to appear or issue a warrant for your arrest.  If you are charged with a motor-vehicle violation, the court may also report your failure to pay or appear to your states motor-vehicle or driver-licensing agency, which may affect your driving privileges, or your vehicle registration, or both.

If you received a notice to appear in court, but would like to request a continuance to another month court session, fill out the Sample Continuance Form, contact the number below to outline the reason for the continuance, and provide it by fax to the fax number below. 


Hours of Operation:  
M-F 0900-1130 1300-1630 
Closed Federal Holidays
Closed XVIII Airborne Training Holidays
May be closed for essential military mission

Phone Number:
(910) 396-1221/1222
DSN: 236-1221/1222 
Fax: (910) 396-8153 
Office of the Staff Judge Advocate
Corner of Macomb and Armistead
Building 2-1133, Room 308

Mailing Address: 
Federal Litigation Division NE 
Office of the Staff Judge Advocate                            
AFZA-JA-F (Federal Litigation)                                                      
2175 Reilly Road, Stop A
Fort Bragg, NC  28310-5000

For more information visit:

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