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School Safety Concerns

Bicycle Safety: Active Duty Service Members and Dependents

All bicycle riders will wear an approved safety helmet while riding on Fort Bragg, and during hours of limited visibility they are required to have an operable headlight, side reflectors, and tail lights. ( XVIII ABN CORP & FORT BRAGG REG 385-10 ).

Riding bicycles to and from school, please adhere to the following paragraph and make sure that for safety consideration that your bike is equipped with a lock and chain for security purposes. Please be sure to secure them to the appropriate bicycles stands that are provided by DODeA schools.

Be sure to adhere to the following bicycle riding rules.
1. Watch out for moving Vehicle Traffic
2. Walk bicycles across roadways and intersections
3. Following instructions of the Crossing Guards, and Military Policemen

Student School Walkers:
Parents and Students, “PLEASE” if your child is walking to school following the below guidelines.

1. Rehearse the safest route of travel with your child.
2. Have students travel in pairs.
3. Educate them on the Do's and Don’ts, (Call Crime Prevention at 396-2774)
4. Give them a proposed safe haven, or a security point if an  incident should arise.
5. Educate them to report any unusual event or incident

Bus Riders:

All students will adhere to regulations and rules that are governed by the Fort Bragg School System & Fort Bragg Buss Lines. “This information is covered in School Student Handbooks. “ Please read this pamphlet, and follow below instructions.

1. Always follow the orders of the bus driver
2. Make sure that you are on your assigned bus for transportation purposes
3. When seated, no excessively load talking, or moving throughout the bus.
4. Stay seated when bus is in motion
5. No throwing, shouting, or hanging bout of bus windows

Arrival to and Departure from School

Students need not be on school grounds until school officials have posted their yearly schedule. This information will be in the School Student Handbook. Remember that Fort Bragg Home Alone Policy # 87 is in effect for students that are underage, and with supervision. This rule is in effect for after school as well. If there is a schedule event, or projected activities, Fort Bragg School Officials will send out appropriate information prior to the scheduled date. Remember it is a violation of Trespassing on school property unless you permission from the school principal.

Illegal Items

The Fort Bragg School System has a strict policy on illegal items that belong to students on school grounds. Remember if you are bus riders, school authority starts at the bus stop. If you are a walker, bicycle rider, or parents drop you off, it begins on the school boundary. School officials will discipline students from detention, suspension, to expulsion from the Fort Bragg school system. Below are a few items that are considered illegal for students on Fort Bragg and the School System

1. Guns, (of any sort), air, toy, pellet, etc.
2. Knives
3. Razors, to include blades
4. Drugs, that are prescribed and given to school nurse for medical usage
5. Explosive device, fireworks, matches, lighters
6. Laser pointers 

Please read Fort Bragg Student Handouts for the above items list.


Fighting will not be tolerated at the Schools or on Fort Bragg at anytime! This will be enforced by Fort Bragg Military Police and Schools Principals. Be sure to read the School Student Handout concerning this offense.


Securing Your Home and Protecting Your Property


The Provost Marshal Office (PMO) will provide proactive law enforcement

support to community policing efforts for all Fort Bragg communities. Our

patrols will work as liaisons between the PMO and Picerne Housing to

disseminate information and collect Community Involvement Reports (CIR) in

an effort to reduce problems in the neighborhoods.

Please click here for a copy of our Community Involvement Report (CIR)


 Securing your Home

1. Lock your doors and windows. Research shows that more than 60 percent of all burglaries show no sign of forced entry.
2. Use automatic timers to turn on lights, radio, or the television when you are not at home.
3. Ask a trusted neighbor to watch your home and pick up your mail and newspapers when you are out of town. You can also ask the post office to temporarily stop your mail delivery.
4. Trim shrubbery that could conceal criminal activity near doors and windows.
5. Outdoor lighting can eliminate hiding places and deter burglars.

Neighborhood Safety

1. Know that route that your children take to and from school. Point out the places your child can and can not go along the way to include safe places that will have a trusted adult in case of an emergency.
2. Be alert in the neighborhood. Call the police or, if you’re a kid, tell a trusted adult about anything you see that seems suspicious. Remember you can call the Fort Bragg Crime Stoppers at any time seven days a week and remain anonymous by calling 396-EYES (396-3937) or email



 3. Get to know your neighbors. Good neighbors are one of your least expensive defenses against crime and one of your most effective.

Around the Yard

1. Make sure your house number is clearly displayed so police and emergency services can find your home quickly, if necessary.
2. Secure gates and storage and shed doors with high-security laminated padlocks.
3. Use high-quality locks on bicycles, lawn mowers, and other possessions, or keep them inside a secure garage shed or in the home.


 Around the House

Keep an inventory of your furnishings and valuables, such as televisions, stereos, and computers. For identification, keep a record of all serial numbers, make and model. For jewelry have it appraised or keep the receipt and take a close up picture of the item.

Engrave or write with a permanent marker an identification mark on bicycles and scooters. Put at least one or all identification marks such as last name, house address or phone number.

Keep a copy of your inventory stored securely off-site. Update it at least once a year.

Law Enforcement Center
 Crime Prevention
 Military Police Investigation
Emergency Call 911
 (910) 396-2774
 (910) 396-6608
Military Police Desk: (910) 396-0393/0392
Crime Stoppers:  396-EYES (396-3937) or email 

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