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 Unit Fire Safety Marshal

The course is held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Pope Theater, Building 372, from 0900 – 1500. The maximum students are 400 per class so registration is required. To register complete the registration form and email form to Inspector Scott, Special classes are available by request by calling the Fire Prevention Office at 910-432-6727.

A primary and alternate is required for each building. Both personnel must attend the course to receive a certificate. Certification is an two year requirement.

Who should be assigned as the UFSM

The unit commander or organization leader shall appoint a member of the unit or organization that, he/she feels will perform the duties in a responsible manner and show a positive bearing on safety.

A minimum pay grade or rank shall not be a factor in the appointment of the Unit Fire Safety Marshal; the unit commander or organization leader should make the appointment and support the Unit Fire Safety Marshal in any way he/she can.

Responsibilities as the UFSM

Ensure that employees are trained and understand their fire prevention responsibilities, fire reporting, and facility evacuation procedures.

Report to their commanders or supervisors the action of any person(s) causing damage by fire as a result of failure to comply with the provisions of this regulation or acts of negligence or carelessness. Fire marshal will also report any person responsible for the transmission of false alarms or cause of such by any attempt to alter or damage the function of fire detection and/or protective systems.
Emergency contact name and phone numbers will be posted at the main entrance of all buildings within their responsibility. 

All buildings within their responsibility will have two building numbers on separate exterior walls. The numbers will be visibile from the main access roads. 

Conduct walk through surveys of organization facilities monthly and coordinate corrective action with the facility manager. Findings and corrective actions should be maintained in their fire prevention file folder. Recognized hazards that are beyond the capability of the organization to repair will be submitted via work request to the Directorate of Public Works (DPW).

Maintain a UFSM fire prevention book that contains:

 UFSM Appointment Orders
 Written Fire Evacuation Plan
 Fire Evacuation Drawing
 Fire Safety Survey
Building Information Sheet
 Fire Extinguisher Inventory and Maintenance Work Request Record
 Fire Prevention Training

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