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Safety House

The Fire Safety House is a hands-on training tool used to provide real life training with the utilization of simulated smoke conditions. We use the safety house to teach school age children how to properly evacuate when there is an emergency in their home. We can also set up the safety house to teach older children and adults fire safety tips for the home.

Such tips include.

a)    E.D.I.T H. Exit Drills in the Home

b)    Electrical hazards.

c)    Cooking hazards.

d)    Fireplace safety.

We visit each school on Fort Bragg to provide training on a yearly basis.

To request the Fire Safety House for groups of children 100 and above please contact: Fire Prevention Branch at 910-432-6727.

Hands-On Extinguisher Trainer

We provide Hands-On Fire Extinguisher Training to the following:

AAFES Kitchen and Maintenance Staff:

Child Development Services Staff and Maintenance Personnel.

Military Units involved in use of Flammable liquids in fueling operations.

To request Extinguisher Training for groups of 100 or more, please contact: Fire Prevention Branch at 910-432-6727.

Fire Safety Briefings

To request a Fire Safety Brief, please ensure that the groups consist of 150 personnel and have a venue large enough to comfortably seat personnel. 

Training Topics Include:

Fire Safety Training:

Fire Safety/Hazards in the work place

To request a Fire Safety Brief for groups of 150 or more, please contact: Fire Prevention Branch at 910-432-6727.

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