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 Fire Protection Systems

Sprinkler Equipment


a. Automatic sprinkler systems will be installed IAW UFC 3-600-01, NFPA 13, NFPA 13R, and NFPA 101.


b. Sprinkler systems which operate during an actual fire will not be shut off except upon directions of the senior fire officer.


c. Only properly authorized personnel will maintain and test sprinkler systems.


d. Whenever any sprinkler system is withdrawn from service for any reason, the F&ES will be notified immediately and an impairment notification initiated.


e. All building modification projects in buildings with sprinkler systems will include provisions for redesigning the sprinkler system; as necessary, for compliance with NFPA 13.

Fire Extinguishers


a. Fire extinguishers will be supplied as part of construction projects, IAW UFC 3-600-01 and NFPA 10.


b. Garrison Command Policy No. 5, Purchase, Installation, Maintenance and Disposal of Fire Extinguishers within Garrison Buildings, applies to all US Army garrison directorates, activities, and organizations.


c. Where fire extinguisher cabinets are not provided, there will be suitable hangars or supports for extinguishers.


d. The use of a minimum 4A:60B: C rated dry chemical fire extinguisher will be installed wherever possible.  Fire extinguishers provided for the protection of cooking appliances that use combustible cooking media (vegetable or animal oils and fats) will be listed and labeled for class K fires.


e. Fire extinguishers in facilities will not be used for any reason other than fighting fires.  They will not be used as doorstops, equipment braces, etc.  Fire extinguishers will not be relocated or removed from their assigned locations except for inspection or for fighting fires.


f. UFSM’s will inspect and document all fire extinguishers within their respective areas on a monthly basis.


g. Whenever any fire extinguisher is discharged or partially discharged for any reason it will be deemed unserviceable.  Unserviceable fire extinguishers will be the responsibility of the unit for replacement.


h. Dry chemical fire extinguishers will not be used to combat grass or brush fires.


Alarm Systems


a. Fire alarm systems, IAW Architectural and Engineering Instructions, AR 420-1, UFC 3-600-01, NFPA codes, and applicable engineer technical letters, will be provided and installed in all government owned facilities.


b. The alarm system will not be tampered with per NFPA 1. Tampering with the alarm system is punishable under the “Uniform Code of Military Justice” (UCMJ) and/or Federal Law.


c. Mass notification systems will be installed, IAW NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code, UFC 4-021-01, Design and Operators Manual (O&M): Mass Notification Systems, and UFC 4-010-01, DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings
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