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 New Comers Information


To the new Paratrooper,

 Welcome to Fort Bragg, and congratulations on your assignment to the storied 82nd Airborne Division.  You are arriving at the Division at an interesting time.  While your orders may have previously informed you of your assignment to the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, you no doubt have received instructions directing you toward a different unit.

 The reason for this is because we, the 4th Brigade Combat Team – the Fury Brigade – have been directed by the Army to inactivate by 15 June 2014.  We have been working diligently these past months to responsibly turn in our vehicles and equipment, and transfer our Paratroopers to their next assignments.  In a very short time, this unit will complete the necessary tasks to inactivate, and we will then case our colors until such time as the 508th PIR is needed again.

 For those Paratroopers who are inbound to the 82nd Airborne, there are certain steps that you take upon your arrival to Fort Bragg.  You will first report to the Fort Bragg Reception Company, which is located on Normandy Drive, in proximity to the Fort Bragg Soldier Service Center.  Upon completion of in-processing, you will report to your respective brigade headquarters.  1st BCT and 2nd BCT are located on Ardennes Road.  The 3rd BCT headquarters is located on Keerans Street, just off of Longstreet Drive.

 For more information, refer to the Newcomers link that you can find on this site.  You can also call the BCT S1 Strength Manager, 1LT Wendy C. Wray at (910) 907-1742 or at wendi.c.wray.mil@mail.mil.  Welcome to the All American Division, and have a good jump!

 Fury From the Sky! All the Way!

 COL Timothy F. Watson, Brigade Commander

 CSM Delia Quintero, Brigade Command Sergeant Major



On Post Housing

Off Post Housing
*note this office is not part of Picerne*
6th floor soldier support center Normandy Drive bldg 4-2843


Services Provided

All personnel, married or single, must report to the Housing Referral Office prior to entering into a rental , lease, or purchase agreement for any housing off-post.

ALL personnel in ranks Private to Sergeant are required to have a unit representative inspect their prospective off-post rental unit for adequacy prior to their entering into any lease agreement as prescribed by Fort Bragg Memorandum of Instruction number 9-97, Off Post Hosing Rental Procedures date, 08 SEPT 1999

Unaccompanied Permanent Party Housing

Bldg. D-3705, Hardy Hall, Darby Loop, off Bastogne Drive


Services provided
All unaccompanied Staff Sergeant (SSG) and below are required to reside in single Soldier housing on-post. A Soldier in the rank of SSG and below must obtain Statement of Non Availability (SNA) prior to renting or purchasing a residence off-post. The SNA will be routed through Chain of Command to BDE Level prior to submission to the housing office.

Note* On-post housing for unaccompanied senior enlisted or officers (Sergeant First Class (SFC) and above) is not available on FT Bragg.


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