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 Fury Contact Roster

24-hour FURY Brigade Staff Duty: 432-2515
FURY Public Affairs Office: NCOIC: 432-7334/ OIC: 908-0432
4th Brigade Command Team Contact Roster
4th BCT 
Position Work Phone
BCT CDR 432-7917
BCT DCO 643-8798
BCT CSM 432-7917
BCT XO 432-7873
BCT S3  908-1601
BCT CHOPS 432-6437
BCT S3 SGM 908-1526
BCT S1  432-7632
BCT S2 908-2462
BCT S4 432-7333
BCT S6 908-3845
BCT FECC 432-7010
Chaplain 432-7892
Surgeon N/A
Mental Health N/A
BCT Staff Duty  432-2515
1-508th PIR
Position Work Phone
BN CDR 396-0919
BN CSM 396-0920
BN XO 908-0722
BN S3  643-8655
BN Staff Duty 396-0916
2-508th PIR
Position Work Phone
BN CDR 908-0104
BN CSM 908-0103
BN XO 908-0102
BN S3  908-0111
BN Staff Duty 908-0097
4-73rd CAV
Position Work Phone
BN CDR 643-7017
BN CSM 643-7018
BN XO 643-7021
BN S3  643-7027
BN Staff Duty 643-7009
2-321st AFAR
Position Work Phone
BN CDR 396-0903
BN CSM 396-0892
BN XO 396-0901
BN S3  396-0889
BN Staff Duty 396-0896
782nd BSB
Position Work Phone
BN CDR 432-1524
BN CSM 432-7025
BN XO 432-5604
BN S3  432-6861
BDE SPO 432-9343
BN Staff Duty 432-9882
508th STB
Position Work Phone
BN CDR 908-0642
BN CSM 908-0453
BN XO 908-0455
BN S3  908-0458
BN Staff Duty 432-1974
Position Work Phone
CDR 908-1904
1SG 908-2009
XO 908-1905


The 4TH BCT FRSA’S: Click on FURY Families tab for the listing of Battalion contacts.

4th Brigade Combat Team: 910.396.8123 o/910.305.9695c
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